SUR is a collaborative research platform set up by the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm. It brings together artists and scientists in a laboratory situation to conduct practice-led research and to work together on projects that combine the sectors.

The overarching purpose of SUR is to develop a common language between the different knowledge fields of art and science. It aims, more specifically, to reach new understandings and generate innovative tools, collaborative methods and concepts that are beneficial to the artists and scientists involved. In order to reach its goals, SUR breaks down the research field into 3 manageable clusters that focus on foundational concepts of dance (Movement, Space & Time/Simultaneity).

Cluster I – MOVEMENT:
Rasmus Ölme (Choreographer and Ph.D. student)
Anders Eriksson (Prof. Structural Mechanics)

Cluster II – SPACE:
Johan Thurfjell (Visual artist)
Katja Grillner (Prof. Critical Studies in Architecture)

Cristina Caprioli (Choreographer/Professor)
Christine Ödlund (Visual artist)
Leif Handberg (Ass. Prof. Media Technology)

The SUR platform is one of the pillars of the overarching European cooperation project LABO21, together with partner organisations in Belgium (Buda Arts Centre & Laboratorium) and Croatia (BADco). With the partner organisations SUR envisages knowledge sharing and exchange of initiatives that display similarities with the interdisciplinary collaborations at SUR. Tapping into the knowledge base of a broader range of partners will enhance the potential to generate new insights.

SUR starts in Spring 2010; it will take part in symposia and workshops abroad, and invite the partner initiatives to Stockholm when the SUR results are presented during a final event on different locations (Oct-Dec 2011). Key Performance co-ordinates this specific project.