JJ’s voices

JJ’s voices was created for Cullberg Ballet by choreographer, artist, improviser, teacher and artistic director of Par B.L.eux. in Montréal – Benoît Lachambre in 2009. The piece is inspired by the voice of Janis Joplin. The dancers carry her songs through their bodies.Benoît Lachambre has been a part of the international dance community for the past thirty years, devoted himself to an exploratory approach of movement and its sources. Elements of the visual and performance arts are inseparable from dance in his works. Par B.L.eux is devoted to contemporary and interdisciplinary choreographic creation, and the close connection to an international network of artists. Benoît Lachambre is part of many different artistic projects, he has participated in films and been awarded several times for his works. The work with Cullberg Ballet was his first in Sweden.

First, we looked at a way to reveal body processes. Showing the substance that surrounds the dancers physical, sensorial, and energetic events. Although we are addressing these experiences, we primarily found a way to glide on intensities which primarily felt too strong to be sustained alone. We reveal the necessity to share time, space and emotion in order to carry the richness of the fundamental nature embodied in this work.

JJ’s voices looks at sensations, intents and dreams as one shifts behind what precedes the expression of voicing. Perhaps is it about the heart’s intentions as it sees how the body-mind flows through the unknown. Clothing the body as a shell hovering over the content of transition, revealing the self through the wondering realm of the symbolic identity, we feel the self as a transparent soul container.

The raw, passionate and unafraid brilliances that revealed an ingenious mind making no concessions in order to be living its convictions at the fullest. Could it be the sound of voices carried from an old soul in a young body? It lives so fearlessly that it consumes itself at a speed we must embrace as many to reach what Janis Joplin, with her singing, has revealed. Carrying the hopes of a fearless generation that has left traces that still rocks our hearts today.

Benoît Lachambre


SONGS with Janis Joplin
LIGHTING DESIGN Fredrik Rydehäll
DURATION approx. 60 minutes
7 dancers

PREMIERE at House of Dance, Stockholm,
small stage, November 25, 2009