General Information

Cullberg Ballet is in its fifth decade on the front line of modern dance. The ensemble has performed in more than forty countries and is an important cultural ambassador for Sweden. Cullberg Ballet’s extensive international tours give foreign audiences a taste of Swedish culture at its best and the company has ever since the start in 1967 been scoring popular successes in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. The composition of the company’s dancers has always been international and the dancers’ technical proficiency and strong stage personalities are some of Cullberg Ballet’s main characteristics. Cullberg Ballet is part of Riksteatern, The Swedish National Touring Theatre.

Since 1950, when her Miss Julie had its première, Birgit Cullberg has exerted strong influence over con­temporary Swedish and foreign ballet. In 1967 she founded the present Cullberg Ballet under the head organisation Riksteatern, with eight handpicked danc­ers, of who three were Swedes. In the 1970s Mats Ek entered the dance world and created, for Cullberg Ballet, such powerful and socially committed works as Soweto and Bernarda. In the following decade, he concentrated on pioneer­ing new versions of the old classics Giselle and Swan Lake. Birgit Cullberg (1967-85) and Mats Ek (1982-93) were the artistic directors of Cullberg Ballet for a total of 26 years. With their outstanding works, they have set their personal stamp on the company, mak­ing it one of the world’s foremost ensembles. When Mats Ek stepped down as artistic director of Cullberg Ballet in 1993, Carolyn Carlson took over the position for a two-year period. From 1995 to 2003 the artistic management was shared between Lena Wennergren-Juras and Mar­gareta Lidström. In 2003, Swedish award-winning choreographer Johan Inger took over the artistic management of Cullberg Ballet. Johan Inger built a repertoire of his own works and works by choreographers of his choice. His latest pieces for Cullberg Ballet are Point of eclipse from 2007 and Position of elsewhere from 2009. In the summer of 2008 Johan Inger left the ar­tistic directorship of Cullberg Ballet to continue as a freelance choreographer. Since January 2010, Anna Grip is artistic director of Cullberg Ballet. She has been ensemble manager for the company since 2006 and acting artistic director since the spring of 2008. Anna Grip has been ac­tive with Cristina Caprioli’s dance company CCAP in Stockholm, Rosas in Brussels, Nya Carte Blanche in Bergen and at Helsinki City Theater. She was ballet master of Östgötabaletten and head of the School for Modern Dance in Denmark. Anna is active on several boards of directors in the dance field.