Press – Mercurial George

‘’ Mercurial George is the work of an artist who’s in command of her subject, conscious of her body, of her ethnic and cultural identity, and of her difference too.’’
–, Montréal (Canada)

‘’There is in Mercurial George a clarity of position that is rare. Dana Michel knows exactly where she is speaking from (as an artist; as a woman; as a Black person). She knows exactly where she performs.’’
– Le Devoir, Montréal (Canada)

‘’Performing artist Dana Michel dares to create beyond the beaten track with a body that rejects virtuosity and gestures devoid of delicacy. Simply, by using objects in unusual ways, she transforms banality into something interesting, turning our attention towards seemingly futile things. She inhabits marginalized characters that question our understanding of what is normal. She presents a tribute to difference and non-conformity with an inventive and unconventional performance.’’
– Df Danse, Montréal (Canada)