Press – This is Concrete

“This is concrete” is their exhilarating study on desire.

A bizarre and erotic turning-on-choreography.

Desire as a state between loving sensuality and dangerous frustration, out of which there is no release in van Dinther’s and Granato’s intelligent and unruly choreography.

-Nicole Strecker, Tanz, Augusti/September 2013

“This Is Concrete” surprises by being rigorously consequent and obstinately monotonous.
“This Is Concrete” is an hour long, but despite the monotony it never becomes demandingly long. Never boring. Jefta van Dinther and Thiago Granato charge the performance – in a tight and creative collaboration with Jan Fedinger’s light and David Kiers’ music – with a kind of enigma, beyond both the geniality as well as triviality of human desire.

-Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter, 23.05.2013

Speaker-masturbation, queer moves, long kissing, dogs on all four. Words fly through my head, as my intellect attempts to find points of reference for my experience in the dark room, where two men in a constant slow, sensual-brutal movements, interact with each other as well as with the swaying presence of the light and the club influenced electronic beats from the large speakers.

-Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet, 22.05.2013