photographer: Koen Broos


Inne Goris – Pieter De Buysser – Dominique Pauwels

In 2010 four children left everything behind to settle down on a piece of wasteland. In this former no man’s land they have constructed a new, circular wall, a gigantic, absurd “O” that exerts a strange attraction on the city and its inhabitants.

The performance begins in 2064 at the moment when new children come to take the place of the wall’s now aging residents to continue their quest. Author Pieter De Buysser and Inne Goris are working together with composer Dominique Pauwels and allow their highly individual theatrical idioms to interact. The result is a composition, the musicality of which lies not only in the dynamics of the script, the bodies or the space, but primarily in the harmonic balance between these three particular idioms.

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photographer: Kurt Van der Elst

The Brodsky Concerts

Kris Defoort – Dirk Roofthooft

According to the Russian Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky, a poem is a conversation between the writer and the reader, who share two solitudes with one another. In The Brodsky Concerts, actor Dirk Roofthooft communicates the essence of Brodsky’s poetry to the audience.
Kris Defoort’s music reveals that which is impossible to say with words. Together they create an homage to Brodsky’s poetry, to its melody and rhyme, and to the great metaphysical themes that his poetry invokes: the meaning of life, and of death, with or without loved ones, you move through time and space, at one with something or nothing, being between someone or no one.

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Equinox – Nachtevening

photograph: Koen Broos

Inne Goris – Pieter De Buysser – Eavesdropper

There is something better than love between us: complicity
Marguerite Yourcenar

Equinox (Nachtevening) is the second part of Inne Goris’ diptych centred on the stage classic Medea, following Naar Medeia, which was so well received by both press and public last season. Lieve Meeussen (Zeven, Ultima Vez, et al.) and Jorge Jauregui Allue (Ultima Vez) will be confronting this play.

When two people have told each other everything, what else do they have to say? One thing slowly becomes clear: this can happen to any one of us, and no one ever gets a guarantee that love is forever. And who can say that love will never lead to murder?

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photographer: Kurt Van Der Elst

House of the Sleeping Beauties

Kris Defoort – Guy Cassiers – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

After the success of their first opera The Women Who Walked Into Doors (2001), the composer Kris Defoort and the producer Guy Cassiers have produced a new artistic dialogue. Its starting point is the novel by the Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata House Of The Sleeping Beauties (1961) for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968.

The novel tells the story of old Eguchi in a strange and tender brothel, where elderly men can spend the night and snuggle up against the warm bodies of very young girls drugged by sleeping pills. It is the story of farewell, old age and death.

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photographer: Kurt Van Der Elst

Middle East

In June 2000, the American President, Bill Clinton, held a summit at Camp David with Yasser Arafat, President of the Palestinian National Authority, and Ehud Barak, Israeli Prime Minister, to continue the peace negotiations and bring these to a positive outcome. The first negotiations were so promising that Barak even agreed to give up East Jerusalem. But when the discussions turned to Palestinian refugees and the right of return, the talks deteriorated to such an extent that the situation became critical. Peace seemed impossible. During the previous years, Israelis and Palestinians had never been so close, yet so far away, from peace as at that moment…

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