Press – Kneeding

”It is impossible to not be affected by it in its distinct physical form. The long trunk of Jefta van Dinther, the expressive mimicry of Frederic Gies and the contorted upper body of Thiago Granato send signals straight into the body of the viewer”

”The trio curiously manages to conjure both the inside and outside of every movement with a concept that consequently digs into a few questions. At Weld dance is being re-examined – it is captivating and fascinating.”

-Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet 25.11.2010

”Finally, the method of self-kneading is introduced in the dance by Jefta van Dinther…With these achievements TQW came out on top in their first day of Parcours an den Grenzen zur Berührung in Tanz und Performance mit dem Titel Scores #1: touché…After this act of woman-power the ironic male trio by Jefta van Dinther fits perfectly: the male body in crisis and as a caricature of the patriarchic hero. In Kneeding (a wordplay with the English terms kneading and needing) the man is found in the process of a transformation. He kneads himself from the inside out. In doing so, all the grimaces of male representation become visible as a last rebellious gesture.”

-Helmut Ploebst, DER STANDARD 20.04.2010