Press – As it empties out

A vertiginous performance

Jefta van Dinthers As It Empties Out could be described as an attack of vertigo or as an intense feverish dream.
As It Empties Out is a strong audiovisual experience, in which van Dinther uses playful scare-tactics, whereby the performance operates on a physical level. When a diva in fur appears out of nothing I press myself back into my chair from a minor shock. But the performance is not only technically inventive, the dedication of the ensemble and their meticulous bodily control also contributes to the tickling, astonishing experience.

-Freely translated from Isabella Rothberg, Hufvudstadsbladet, 10.11.2014

Damn, this is hell!

It is difficult to break free from the disturbing and beguiling enchantment of the evening. That, which just swept past, has so many possible interpretations that there is no ultimate statement and certainly no one true meaning. What Jefta van Dinther creates together with the five dancers yields no linear narrative, but much more. It is a vivid compendium of something dreamt of, something worked out together from an Illusion, which only theater breathtakingly can render in real time. The magical light of Minna Tiikkainnen and the beguiling sound design by David Kiers stand side by side next to the extraordinary choreography. One element being unthinkable without the other in this performance. And it all adds up to a brilliant whole.

-Freely translated from Michaela Preiner,, 21.10.2014