Press – It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend

When did you lately see a dance performance that kept you in rapt attention from second 1 to second 3000 so as to maximally enjoy every single movement? If this was some time ago, then we have some good advice for you: book, no, grab a ticket for “It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend” (****).
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It looks sober but it isn’t. This is an ingenuous, exacting and exceedingly rich choreography that is once in a while even funny. Gruwez dances as if she has incorporated the sounds. Each sound calls up a movement or a series of movements. Like a matador she dominates the stage. She cleaves the air in half with her movements the way speakers do with their razor-sharp words. The content refers to our contemporary society – we don’t get out of the mud and fail to make headway — but the form acts as a counterbalance and proves the opposite: artists do make progress, providing the enabling condition for belief and trust in human capacities.
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Even though this performance does not thematize merry subject-matter, the way this subject-matter is being transposed into dance is so impressive that you walk away with a swirly head and eyes gleaming with wonder. Marvellous!

By Sarah Vankersschaever, DE STANDAARD

The fusion of sound, choreography and light keep the public enraptured. Once more Lisbeth Gruwez |Voetvolk succeeds in keeping the audience spellbound with this new performance. (…)
The dancer’s trance fires the audience. She inflames us and keeps us in rapt attention till the end of the show. ****

By Eline Van de Voorde, CUTTING EDGE

With ‘It’s going to get worse’ she consolidates her status of strong woman, exploring borders at the cutting edge and transgressing them.(…) The choreography dialogues with the ingenious soundscape that Maarten Van Cauwenberghe constructed with fragments from Swaggart’s speech (…) It’s a relief to see such a clear elaboration of an idea without it becoming conceptual or arty farty. ****

By Lene Van Langenhove, ZONE02

LISBETH GRUWEZ | VOETVOLK DELIVERS FASCINATING PERFORMANCE WITH ‘It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend’

By Pieter T’Jonck, DE MORGEN

Control is what it is all about. Form is the key. And the power with which Lisbeth Gruwez affirms dance with bravura. End of babbling. End of modesty. From now onit will get worse, friends. Let it come down.

By Melanie Suchy, BALLET TANZ