Boat and Berg


On 14 April 2012 it will be exactly 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. The sinking of the Titanic has become a part of the collective memory, appeals to everybody’s imagination and has reached iconic status. The sinking of the Titanic has become the almost universal metaphor for human hubris. ‘The Titanic is unsinkable, sinking unthinkable’. We know better now, even though we seem to have learned nothing, as the metaphor now turns from the ship to the iceberg, melting slowly but decisively. Boat & Berg tells the story from the perspective of the iceberg, singing of its own fate — the iceberg that goes looking for the ship and ultimately embraces it. Both the ship and the iceberg perish, joining each other at the bottom of the ocean.

Josse De Pauw and Peter Vermeersch previously collaborated on the legendary JOSSE DE PAUW with FES Weg in 1998. Weg is a milestone in Josse De Pauw’s oeuvre and the history of musical theatre. With this production, De Pauw sets a new standard for musical theatre in the Low Countries. Marianne Van Kerkhoven writes, “De Pauw’s script, an associative patchwork of subplots in diverse linguistic idioms, echoes Peter Vermeersch’s composition, as a cluster of diverse musical styles. On the stage, all these disparate sounds and words merge to form a spoken concert in which the performers act as a single body. Josse De Pauw here realizes his dream of some day achieving on the theatre stage the freedom that improvising jazz musicians enjoy on the concert stage. Everything comes together when this is shared with the audience.” In 2000, Vermeersch and De Pauw collaborated again on Larf, this time with the entire Flat Earth Society. Now they have reached a new stage in their collaboration with Boat & Berg.

MUSIC Peter Vermeersch
TEXT DESIGN Dooreman and Mario Debaene
PERFORMED BY Flat Earth Society, Rolande Van der Paal (soprano), Josse De Pauw (narrator)
PRODUCTION Bonk vzw & LOD | Music Theatre
COPRODUCTION deSingel, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Theaterproductiehuis Zeelandia