Ghost Road

Fabrice Murgia with Dominique Pauwels


LOD brought together this 27-year-old Liège resident and ‘associate artist’ at the Théâtre National with composer
Dominique Pauwels, actor and playwright Jos Verbist and actress Viviane De Muynck. The challenge for this impressive ‘generation pact’ is the ambitious Ghost Road trilogy. Ghost Road is a requiem for a destroyed civilization. This is still fiction, but the question of what sort of world the current generation will leave for the next becomes more meaningful by the day. To question this space to be reconstructed, Fabrice Murgia wishes to produce a show in the form of a trilogy which LOD will accompany until 2015.

Ghost Road — Part I

An older woman, alone on the stage, films herself. She is the only one left in a place where human civilization has receded. Her city is empty; she alone remains behind, lifeless. Her decline is also the decline of what was once an apparently indestructible society. She goes in search of the reasons for this decay, and for her loneliness. Has she been left behind by a hastily fleeing community, or has she consciously opted for abandonment? Is she victim or martyr? Her inner monologue is echoed by the music, which serves as the second voice, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in discord, with her voice gradually being drowned out. Reality trickles into the story through images that Fabrice Murgia made during a road trip along the famous, but now rarely used, Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. The ghost towns, dilapidated houses and rusting gas stations inspired him to create Ghost Road, a portrait of the wilderness that remains after a society is lost. Each part of this trilogy illuminates a place that was abandoned under duress during the three major catastrophes of our time: economic decline, political chaos and environmental disaster. Ghost Road is a tribute to a wounded age, the residual image of a society and an individual in a state of decomposition.


MUSIC Dominique Pauwels
ACTRESS Viviane De Muynck
COPRODUCERS Théâtre National Bruxelles, Le Manège.Mons, Theater Antigone, Le Maillon Strasbourg, Rotterdamse Schouwburg
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