An Old Monk

JOSSE DE PAUW with Kris Defoort

Do a little dance.
A man does a little dance.
Body pressed against a dream-body.

A man doesn’t dance anymore or far too rarely.
Vain attempts to become a monk.
The great yearning is for silence and aloneness.

And then from nowhere the fancy for a little dance comes upon him.
Curious whether the pleasure of living is still part of it.
The old monk does a little dance. And then another. And another.

AN OLD MONK will be a performance/concert by Josse De Pauw and Kris Defoort. We have wanted to do it for a long time and now we are. About the body and the mind and how impossible it is for them to be in tune with one another. Except perhaps during a little dance.


MUSIC Kris Defoort
PERFORMERS Josse De Pauw, Kris Defoort & 2 jazz musicians producers LOD | Music Theatre & De Werf