ACT 1 is a durational piece. The stage is a constantly vibrating platform covered in charcoal. The public (one person at a time) is invited to enter the space barefoot and remain standing for a period of time. The participant stands on stage, shaking and exposed. It is the arrival of the other member of the public on stage that can free them from their task – they are then free to go, leaving the stage to the other person.
The participants have an opportunity of relating to the piece from a micro-political stance and allow for the construction of a collective identity in tension with ongoing contemporary social and political events.

People, one by one, may occupy the platform and remain on stage which is trembling and shaking irregularly creating a feeling of permanent instability. Can there be a more poignant metaphor of the geopolitical instability of South American countries than these scenes of rough work, the dirty work? Each spectator mounting onto the coal surface is someone who has not yet given up – the spectator takes action, defends their role in History – and as a result resists while the earth trembles.
– Antonio Pintos Riveiro


Direction: Tamara Cubas
Creation: Santiago Turenne, Leticia Skrycky y Tamara Cubas
Lights: Leticia Skrycky
Sound design and mechanical system: Leonardo Secco y Leticia Skrycky
Collaboration: Francisco Lapetina – Martin Craciun – Ignacio Garcia
Production: Perro Rabioso
Ingested work: Vestigios by Marta Soares
Premiere: FIDCU, Montevideo Uruguay, May 2016
International Distribution: Key Performance