The Leviathan Camaraderie

The Leviathan Camaraderie is an immersive performance on the hardships of coexistence and the longing for belonging, which offers the visitors an opportunity to take a closer look at their own relation to the conventions of power and desire in a safe setting. The core of the performance consists of a members club. The Camaraderie then works on different levels and presents itself in various forms – as an occupation, an evening rally or an open recruiting meeting but always with the same aim: to lay a foundation for a new, egalitarian coexistence, by deconstructing civilization as we know it, exorcising its lingering perversions, and establishing an alternative structure.

The Leviathan Camaraderie is an independent part of Poste Restante’s diptych exploring Freud’s essay Civilization and Its Discontents. It is a performance series that combines elements from Freud with the labour movement, queer theory and BDSM.


Concept and direction: POSTE RESTANTE (Erik Berg, Linn Hilda Lamberg, Stefan Åkesson)
Sound design: Eric Sjögren
Production: Erika Lindahl / POSTE RESTANTE
Co produced with MDT
Distribution: Key Performance

Originally funded by Stockholm City Culture Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Length and capacity is adaptable.