Mothers per Minute

Mothers per Minute is a performance that holds the form of a red light district offering maternal compassion and care to those who are longing for unconditional tenderness. The service offers a broad selection of locally casted mothers and mother figures. Each mother is bookable and will cater to the visitors need for tenderness in her own special way. Together with a mother of their choice, visitors engage in small scale activities – such as “Hang laundry”, “Have a sandwich” or “Feel a bit unwell”- and are ultimately invited to confront their ideals around authenticity and maternity.  

Co-produced by MDT and Luger.


Concept and direction: POSTE RESTANTE (Erik Berg, Linn Hilda Lamberg, Stefan Åkesson)
Technical consultation: Björn Kuajara
Co-production: MDT and Luger

Length and capacity is adaptable.