”If you’ve received this message, it means we have contact.”

DESPERADO is an immersive performance piece about devotion and hurt feelings. About the end that justifies the means and limits that are moved, not to be crossed. DESPERADO takes the form of a protection program, a discrete messenger that aims to speak to our potentials of political resistance as well as urging to soul searching and doubts. During two hours and within safe conditions each visitor is offered an opportunity to explore and formulate her own radical potential.

In DESPERADO contemporary sociological theory on political identity meets psychoanalytical models for love and devotion. The performance deals with deeply complicated questions concerning inclusion and alienation. How is trust negotiated between individuals and society and what happens when this trust is damaged?

”Are you afraid? Discouraged? I’m waiting outside. You will know it’s me. I’ll look ordinary. Wearing an ordinary jacket.” DESPERADO


Concept and direction: POSTE RESTANTE (Linn Hilda Lamberg) with Eric Sjögren and Josefina Björk.
Produced by: POSTE RESTANTE and Turteatern in collaboration with MDT.
Photo: Patriez van der Wens

With financial support by Stockholm City Culture Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Stockholm Country Council.

POSTE RESTANTE’s work is supported by the Swedish Arts Council
POSTE RESTANTE is represented by Key Performance

Première: 10th of November 2017 at Turteatern, in Stockholm (SE).