Birth of Prey

Birth of Prey (2008), the second of Lisbeth Gruwez/Voetvolk’s works, is a dance solo performed with two live musicians. Birth of Prey observes the routines, rituals and body language between predator and prey.

The human body is a machine full of animal reflexes, but how are our instincts involved?

How dependent are we on what drives us, and how long can we control it for?

Birth of Prey is a circular ritual: the constant metamorphosis of being.


MUSICIANS Dave Schroyen, Maarten Van Cauwenberghe
COSTUMES Joëlle Meerbergen
LIGHT Koen Raes
PRODUCTION Voetvolk vzw
COPRODUCERS Buda kunstencentrum, TROUBLEYN/Jan Fabre
WITH THE SUPPORT OF de Vlaamse overheid
THANKS TO Beursschouwburg, WP Zimmer and DEE Sound & Light

PHOTOGRAPHS © Luc Depreitere
all rights reserved