creation 2016

Tutuguri solo piece, presented in diptych is composed by Gesächt, variations around the figure of the baryton singer Dietrich Fisher Diskau, and Tutuguri, involving a sound vibrant body.

Here vocal cords and body are playing together, offering to « hear » dance. In a polyphonic solo piece, Tutuguri explores the dissynchronicity between movements and sounds, in a perpetual conflict of opposites. The dancer’s body is inhabited by whispers, animal growls, children’s noises, alien sounds, conversations, spasms, singing from the guts, transporting us to a spectral landscape of voices. Tutuguri aims to connectedness, it proposes fluxes of sounds and affects and promotes bridges to nothingness.
by and with : Flora Détraz
lights : Arthur Gueydan (replaced by Eduardo Abdala in turns)
artistic collaboration : Anaïs Dumaine

production : PLI

coproductions : Materiais Diversos (Pt), PACT-Zollverein (De), MA scène nationale, Montbéliard (Fr), Relais culturel de Falaise (Fr), CCN de Caen en Normandie (Fr)

studios : Ramdam, un centre d’art (FR), Alktantara (PT), Espacio Azala (ES)

Tutuguri received the financial support of DRAC Normandie, Institut français du Portugal and Foundation Gulbenkian