Night Watch

Originally commissioned for the cathedral parish of Stockholm for The Year of Culture in Church St. Jacob, Stockholm (2008)

Night falls, and doors to the entrance of a church open in a glow of bright red light. Just inside, a reception is ready to take your reservation to stay at the church for the night. Visitors can stay for however long they please, resting for just a moment, or sleeping until morning comes.

Night Watch is a religiously and politically independent performance installation that is interactive. As Poste Restante takes over a church at dusk, they guard over visitors through the night, offering warm milk and silent company to the sleepless.

The visitors who stay have various reasons for doing so. Some desire greater closeness to religious faith, or the company of a stranger. Others, quite simply, need a safe place to sleep. Reasons are not asked for, and none given.

In Night Watch, it is possible to trust an offer from a complete stranger. Here, the humane is sacred.