The Secular Society

Produced in collaboration with LAT/Lindholmen.

The Secular Society is an interactive performance installation that opens its doors and peculiar practices to visitors. It is a curious institution whose rooms house different activities designed to elucidate a culture based on secular identity and Christian tradition.

The society resembles a faded healthcare centre and is tended by quiet, helpful personnel. Each visitor is given an individual appointment, and one by one they are led by the staff through the different rooms and activities. Between activities, visitors are offered coffee, a sandwich, and a private place to sit and think.

What The Secular Society does is to gently grapple with the fear of, and longing for, religious faith. The society is a safe place for each visitor to explore their personal relationship with God. It is a space dedicated to religious and existential doubt, away from the dogma of the church, or the atheism of academia.