HURLULA – creation

Combining the French verb « hurler », paroxysmal expression of the scream and « hululer » referring more specifically to the screams of night animals, HURLULA offers an emotional peregrination in depths of a human body. The piece will be intimist, ecstatic and lunar. It will be a liberating momentum from the shackles of beauty and feminine decorum.

HURLULA will be a multiform object composed by a performance-concert and a film. Both formats can be presented either together as a diptych or separately.

The French premiere is planned at the Biennale de la Danse in Lyon in September 2023.

Concept: Flora Détraz
Performance: Lê Quan-Ninh, Claire Mahieux & Flora Détraz
Light design: Arthur Gueydan
Sound design: Claire Mahieux
Set & costumes: design Nadia Lauro
External eye: Justine Bougerol
External ear: Yaw Tembe

Direction: Flora Détraz
Images: Vincent Bosc
Sound: Claire Mahieux
Assistant: Justine Bougerol

Production: PLI
Co-production support: Forecast / Berlin, Maison de la danse / Lyon, Biennale de la danse / Lyon, Atelier de Paris – CDCN / Paris, Charleroi Danse / Charleroi, Chorège CDCN / Falaise, Pact Zollverein / Essen – in progress

Picture: © Camille Blake – Forecast / April 2022