Kneeding is a choreography for three men. It explores relations between what happens inside of a body and outside of it: how inner processes manifest themselves externally and how the exterior influences what is within. The palpable reality of matter – the dancing body and its tactile surroundings – is combined with the immaterial reality of imagination. In this way, Kneeding negotiates between physicality and psychology, between “kneading” and “needing”. With continuous, pumping movement Kneeding works its way through the interlocking spaces of the mind and body, sustaining an ever-shifting environment. Dancing, the performers challenge their own self-perception, generating an introspection that rouses both centripetal and centrifugal force. Seated on three sides of the dancers, the spectators become close witnesses of this undertaking. They are complicit in the act of producing and collecting the images that emerge, and at times literally implicated in the events that materialize amidst them.


Concept: Jefta van Dinther
Created and performed by: Jefta van Dinther, Frederic Gies and Thiago
Granato Sound: David Kiers
Produced by: Frascati Productions, Amsterdam
Supported by: 6M1L and Estúdio Nave, São Paulo