O or the Challenge of this Particular Show Was to Have Words Ending in O

A performance by Maarten Seghers, in a confrontation with the artists, musicians and dancers Fritz Welch, Simon Lenski, Nicolas Field and Mohamed Toukabri, for whom he wrote an invocatory song about the noisiness of comforting.

It is for these men that I am writing this new evocative song that leaves nothing to chance. “The Challenge Of This Particular Show Was To Have Words Ending In O” is a struggle between dogged rhythmicality and melodious syrup in the ritualization of the sale of truth. A truth which, like all truths, says it is the ‘real truth’, in contrast with the other truths: the amazement at almost nothing. – Maarten Seghers

O, a world of men who look over their shoulder and find that their truth is worthy of existence, but that they would never go down on their knees for it. It is a world where one cannot spend too long because it chafes too much there. But to which one always returns simply because it’s necessary. At a time when art is held hostage between the art market and political commitment, it is a breath of fresh air to see a piece that goes against the flow. Because, as we all know deep down in our soul, art cannot change the world, but the world changes because of art. But only stumblingly, by the backdoor, sometime during a walk in a street that’s too narrow.” – Jan Lauwers

A production by Maarten Seghers.

With Nicolas Field, Simon Lenski, Maarten Seghers, Mohamed Toukabri & Fritz Welch.

A Needcompany production in association with Kultuurfaktorij Monty and ImPulsTanz.

Thanks to La Raffinerie. With support from the Flemish authorities.

Premiere: 18 March 2016, Monty (Antwerp)