ÔSS by Marlene Monteiro Freitas & Dançando com a Diferença

5, 6, 7 & 8 October 2022, Le Chaillot / Festival d’Automne, PARIS (FR)
28 October 2022, CENDREV – Teatro Garcia Resende, ÉVORA (PT)
1 & 2 November 2022, Dampfzentrale, BERN (CH)
26 & 27 November 2022, Culturgest /Alkantara Festival, LISBON (PT)
2 December 2022, Le Phénix / NEXT Festival, VALENCIENNES (FR

ÔSS is an intriguing encounter between Marlene Monteiro Freitas and Dançando com a Diferença. 8 performers explore the differences between the solid and the soft, the entrails and skin alike.

ÔSS is how you say ‘bone’ in Creole. It is also reminiscent of the expression OSS, common among karate practitioners, which refers to ideas such as pressing, pushing, supporting. What interests us in this show is the bone as a keeper of ancient secrets, revealing anatomical orientations, a structuring box for soft and fragile parts. Building a strong skeleton, where the foot serves as the brain, the heart serves as an elbow, and the knees are a liver and an ear, will naturally be possible for us, since the difference between hard and soft matters little.