NEEDCOMPANY as part of the Rijeka 2020 ECoC programme

As Cultural Capital of Europe, Rijeka 2020 puts on view three of Needcompany’s most recent performances and unfolds the richness and diversity of their art work – one performance being primarily musical, the second dramatic, and the third a dance performance. All the good, Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way and FOREVER, together with the installation 18 videos, will be presented between 29 February and 6 March.

Festival Programme:

CONCERT BY A BAND FACING THE WRONG WAY by Maarten Seghers & Needcompany
29 February 2020 , Croatian House of Culture, Rijeka, 9:00 pm

EXHIBITION: 18 VIDEOS – Lemm&Barkey / Needcompany
29 February – 6 March 2020, Rijeka Ivex Building – DeltaLab001

ALL THE GOOD by Jan Lauwers & Needcompany
3 & 4 March 2020, CNT Ivan pl. Zajc, Rijeka, 7:30 pm

FOREVER by Grace Ellen Barkey & Needcompany
6 March 2020 CNT Ivan pl. Zajc, Rijeka, 7:30 pm