Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade

Defying attempts at categorisation, BodyBodyBodyBody invites us to witness a liberating form of dance and to take part in a total experience where percussive music literally impregnates our body until it contaminates it… It’s hard to resist this exhilarating musical and choreographic journey to the edges of trance.

« Go Go Go Go » ! Urge musician and composer Dag Taeldeman and drummer Andrew Van Ostade in this electrifying dance concert. Wrapped up in intoxicating repetitive rhythm, transcended by the voice of soprano Lies Vandewege, the audience enters the dance led by Sardinian performer Matteo Sedda, rooted in the folk tradition of the Italian tarantella. Here everything interweaves and merges, reaching an emotional paroxysm: a magnetic oscillation between electro, guitar, drums and ritual music, electrified bodies and vocal power. BodyBodyBodyBody is a tidal wave that sweeps everything away, drawing its evocative power from the magic of folk traditions and treading a fine line between dance and music, past and present. Exhilaration, amazement, exhaustion, enjoyment…come and feel it!


Music: Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade
Concept: Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade
Choreography: Matteo Sedda
Dance: Matteo Sedda
Soprano: Lies Vandewege
Light design: Helmut Van Den Meersschaut
Sound: Saul Mombaerts / Bart Vincent
Artistic coordination, production, communication: Floria Lomme
Diffusion: Key Performance
special thanks to: Lore Borremans, Edith Cassiers, Ellen Kromhout & Moreno Perna