Jefta van Dinther

After creating two big scale productions for Cullberg the past years, Jefta van Dinther returns to the company to work on a solo for one of the dancers; Suelem de Oliveira da Silva, to be presented on a big stage.

One person, a big stage, music, light, and dance. The solo will be a portrait of Suelem by Jefta. In every new piece Jefta wants to find a new kind of body. In GRIND it was the worker’s body, in As It Empties Out the transcendental body and in Protagonist the animal body. With Solo for Suelem it will be the first time Jefta creates a solo on another body. And at this stage of his thinking process he defines the body for the solo as raw, powerful and organic.

As Jefta explains:
“I want to share more than just skills. I want to work from the bodies’ knowledge, from care for this planet, from questions about how it is to exist on this planet. What does it mean to be a human being? On a personal level I have a strong interest in what humanity is going through right now. I want to delve into the intelligence of nature and of (other) cultures, as well as into the technology of the body. I want dancers on stage to be much more than only skilled human bodies. To be contextualized as an extension of this world, or vice versa.”

The basic idea for the solo is the relation between Father Earth and Mother Sky, and the dancer Suelem de Oliveira da Silva traveling spiritually between them. The core of the solo will be the ritual, dancing, singing and talking on stage in a format of a dance concert.

Jefta van Dinther’s previous works for Cullberg Plateau Effect (2013) and Protagonist (2016) have been touring successfully and contributed strongly to the artistic identity of the new Cullberg. At the same time, Jefta has extended his artistic range by using Cullberg’s resources and found new directions for his work.

Choreography: Jefta van Dinther
Sound design: David Kiers
Lighting design: Jonatan Winbo
With Suelem de Oliveira da Silva, dancer in Cullberg
Duration: approximately 60 minutes, no intermission

World premiere autumn 2020