by Vera Mantero

How to work with Dançando com a Diferença?

How to work with each and each of the interpreters of this creation?

How to balance so many different presences?

This question traveled and oriented every day and all the processes we went through to get to VAAMO SHARE OQUE SHOP É BEIRO PATEIRO.

One hypothesis was presented from the beginning as very strong: Nuno Rebelo’s proposal to use the configurations and instruments that applied to his non-musicians orchestras. A proposal that was crossing with the experimentation of resources that are very common to me, such as the work of hands and gestures, the exploitation of objects, the “non-known”, the “meaningless”, the improvisation filmed, the use from the word and voice, the confrontation with elements present in my older work…

Since the beginning of the process I came across a feature that had a strong impact on me: a contagious joy in the studio, the impression of always having a reason to celebrate, for party, for joy, even in this pandemic period, or perhaps above all in this Pandemic period…

What they do without asking, the way they react to requests, the surprise reactions and all those situations that break out at various times of rehearsals and that are not repeatable were, in many moments, the reason for this daily joy and clearly contributed to a greater approximation to the individuality of each interpreter.

Then André Guedes, Constança Entrudo and Christopher Cunha arrived and made environments and colors that contributed even more to this joy.
What piece is about what? More than being “about” something, she lets herself live under a regime of free and often nonverbal associations that are for me a very faithful portrait of all that I lived and live in this group.


Artistic Direction and Choreography: Vera Mantero
Interpreters/ co-creators and choreography assistants: Mílton Branco e Telmo Ferreira
Interpreters/ co-creators: Bernardo Graça; Mariana Tembe; Diogo Freitas; José Figueira; Rui João Costa; Sara Rebolo
Original Music / Musical Direction: Nuno Rebelo
Singer: Celestine Ndzana
Scenography: André Guedes
Costumes: Constança Entrudo
Light design and Technical Direction: Cristóvão Cunha
Co-production: A Oficina – Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Dançando com a Diferença
Artistic direction: Henrique Amoedo
Direction Assistance: Diogo Gonçalves
Executive Production: Nuno Simões
Production: Claudia Nunes e Milton Branco
Age: +6 years