by Tânia Carvalho

Composition for drawing fixed, non-rigid movements. Work of the rhythmic contrasts of the body in displacement or not.
One person passes…
But not. It’s more people. One here, another over there.
What is that? It wasn’t there before. Or was it? It was fixed in one spot and I haven’t seen it before.
Fixed movements are then released. Not against these same movements. Not to erase them, but to extend them to.
Has anyone else been there…


Choreography and direction: Tânia Carvalho
Cast: Bernardo Graça, Diogo Freitas, Isabel Teixeira, Joana Caetano, Maria João Pereira, Luís Guerra, Sara Rebolo and Telmo Ferreira
Music: Diogo Alvim
Voice: Tânia Carvalho, based on Lumi potete Piangere, by Giovanni Legrenzi
Costume designer: Aleksandar Protic
Light design: Tânia Carvalho and Maurício Freitas

Dançando com a Diferença
Artistic direction: Henrique Amoedo
Assistant Direction: Diogo Gonçalves
Executive Production: Nuno Simões
Production: Cláudia Nunes and Milton Branco