Jefta van Dinther

After creating two large scale productions for Cullberg the past years, Jefta van Dinther returns as Associated Choreographer to create two new works for the company. In the archaic-futuristic diptych On Earth I’m Done, the audience is transported to a place torn out of the conventional space-time continuum. The first part of the diptych is Mountains, a solo for Suelem de Oliveira da Silva. The second part, Islands, a group piece for the company’s 13 dancers, will premiere spring 2022.

As human beings, we are perpetually haunted by our own implication in the nature-culture bind. Our unease is addressed downwards and upwards at the same time: to the unearthing of the ground as well as to the shrinking of the limitless sky. In Mountains, Van Dinther tackles the question of how to be and stay in love with our ever-changing world. Through an expulsion of words, both familiar and foreign, the performer on stage acts as a conduit, lamenting on behalf of others. Her being unravels in the nexus between the physical, biological and anthropological – between gravitational forces, instinct and desire.

Choreography: Jefta van Dinther
Created together with and performed by: Suelem de Oliveira da Silva 
Sound design: David Kiers including specially composed music based on Window Sash Weights by Sun Kil Moon
Set design: Numen/For Use
Lighting design: Jonatan Winbo
Costume: Jefta van Dinther and Suelem de Oliveira da Silva
Duration: approximately 70 minutes, no intermission 
Co-produced by: PACT Zollverein Essen, Freiburg Theater and Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts

Photo by Nina Andersson