Horse, the solos

Deborah Hay

In 2021, Deborah Hay created a new piece — Horse, the solos — for the big stage with Cullberg. A piece for 7 dancers with music by acclaimed composer Graham Reynolds.

Strongly affected by climate change and the current world situation, especially in America, Hay says her new work is a meditation on survival or even an exercise in survival, inspired by all that is unseen in a single blade of grass.

“Horse is choreographed in a manner that relies on an intuitive understanding of risk, efficiency, and survival. There is control in efficiency but not risk—taking. Combined they establish the conditions for Horse“, says Deborah Hay on her new work.

In the new piece Horse, the solos Hay structured the movements and coached the dancers to individually bring the unison, synchronized movements to life within a collaborative setting.

“I am interested in choreography that does not look like anything and is performed by exceptionally astute and experienced performers. Movements are spare, disorienting, yet mysteriously human in their application within an inextricably bound space.“ Deborah Hay

After the successful collaboration with Laurie Anderson in Figure a Sea, Deborah restaged her 2004 piece the Match with Cullberg for her 2019 Tanz inn August retrospective in Berlin. She looks forward to further collaborations with fellow artists.

“The world premiere of “Horse, the solos” danced by Cullberg at Stora Teatern, is like a seven-man solo and much more magnificent and sublime than dance“
Josefine Wikstrom for Dagens Nyheter September 2021

Choreography: Deborah Hay
Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen
Sound design/Composer: Graham Reynolds
Costume design: Behnaz Aram
With 7 dancers from Cullberg
Duration: 50—60 minutes, no intermission