Deborah Hay

Next year, 2020, Deborah Hay will create a new piece for the big stage with Cullberg. A piece for 10 dancers that will be based on 15 original songs by Deborah Hay.

“I am interested in choreography that does not look like anything and is performed by exceptionally astute and experienced performers. Movements are spare, disorienting, yet mysteriously human in their application within an inextricably bound space.” Deborah Hay

Deborah Hay worked with Cullberg on the critically acclaimed piece Figure a Sea, and is restaging her piece The Match with the company for the Tanz im August retrospective of her works 2019. Next she will bring a new piece for the big stage.

It will take a starting point in 15 original songs created by Deborah Hay. They are simple, minimalist songs rooted in the body and are the source for the choreography and movement although each dancer will manifest that movement as they are guided by Hay’s illustrious what if –questions. Unlike Figure a Sea, where the dancers are co-creating and co-choreographing during the performance, in the new piece Hay will structure the movements but coach the dancers to individually bring them to life within a collaborative setting.

After the successful collaboration with Laurie Andersson in Figure a Sea, Deborah wants to continue working with fellow artists on music and or script.

Choreography: Deborah Hay
Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen Sound design/Composer: Graham Reynolds Costume: tbc
With 10 dancers from Cullberg
Duration: 50-60 minutes, no intermission