This piece derives from a person I drew as a memento of a concert. I called it Guintche and meanwhile it grew, acquired self-life, autonomy, it rebelled. No longer prosthesis of a thought to become a dance. Between Guintche the drawing and the concert, there is no resemblance, but a common denominator; intensity.
Guintche is a word in Creole, the Cape-Verdean spoken language. It is the name of a bird, the name of a prostitute, but it may stand as well for an attitude, the one of someone who jumps from an event to another, lacking coherence in his/her choices. Guintche is neither attached to the past nor to the future, it is a being or a condition of the present. The same goes with the present of the performer and of the drawer.
Through its counter-intuitive structure, Guintche responds as a wax sculpture: it melts, it solidifies, it brakes, changes form… Yet, it keeps the same nature that is to say, it remains the same wax.

Choreography and Performance: Marlene Monteiro Freitas
Light: Yannick Fouassier
Music: Johannes Krieger (trumpet), “Rotcha Scribida” de Amandio Cabral, Cookie (drums), Otomo Yoshihide (excerpt from a guitar solo), Anatol Waschke (shrapnel)
Shorts: Catarina Varatojo

Production: P.OR.K (Lisbon, PT)
Distribution: Key Performance (Stockholm, SE)
Co-production: ZDB-Negócio, Lisboa (Lisbon, PT)
Artistic Residencies: O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo, PT), Alkantara Festival (Lisbon, PT)
With the support of: Re.Al (Lisbon, PT), Forum Dança (Lisbon, PT), Bomba Suicida (Lisbon, PT)
Acknowledgements: Avelino Chantre, Pedro Lacerda, João Francisco Figueira, Anatol Waschk
Duration: 50 minutes