by Rui Lopes Graça

BICHOS, is a performance based on the homonymous play of Miguel Torga that tries to focus fundamental questions on society and existence itself.

Humanized animals or human almost animalized, show up here fighting with themselves, their living environment or the Divine. These animals, different between each other, make all part of the same Ark of Noah; a place and mother land where all have the same struggle for life and for freedom. They are human dilemmas but shared by humans and animals where Man is nothing but another animal amongst them. 

In Torga’s work, evolution has taken Man away from nature condemning him to bane and with BICHOS he travels looking for his savage essence, his pure instincts asking himself about God, freedom, society and its relation with the individual.

Thinking that none of us has a special place in creation, we remind you here that living is not enough.  Human dignity forces you to live in freedom in order to make life worth living; and rebellion, which does not accept domestication or conformism, is the only safe way for each one to find his own role in the collective, without losing his freedom. 

Our existence has a reduced and limited duration. How do we live that time and take advantage of that possibility? We are attached by a normative pattern that, like with Mago, takes to individual annulation?

Rui Lopes Graça (the choreographer)


Choreography: Rui Lopes Graça
Performers: Aléxis Fernandes; Bárbara Matos; Cátia Cardoso; Joana Caetano; José Manuel Figueira; Milton Branco; Ricardo Meireles; Sofia Marote and Telmo Ferreira
Light design: Nuno Meira
Sound design: Rui Lopes Graça
Masks: Robert Allsopp and Associates
Projection drawings: Carolina Caetano
Rehearsal assistants: Cristina Baptista and Telmo Ferreira

Dançando com a Diferença
Artistic direction: Henrique Amoedo
Direction Assistance: Diogo Gonçalves
Executive Production: Nuno Simões
Production: Claudia Nunes e Milton Branco

Age: +6 years