Creation 2021

(working title)

In his new work Christos Papadopoulos investigates the concept of ambiguity as a method of exploring reality. He attempts to create an equivocal condition, suggesting alternative ways of perceiving stage action. He asks himself whether a slight difference in a familiar rhythm, a trivial alteration of corporal movement, or even a minor sound or light landscape shift, can change completely our perception of what we see. Is it possible to create a composition and a movement vocabulary that are inspired by the untamed, enigmatic thoughts and free associations rather than one’s own concrete perceptions and personal convictions? The choreographer consciously seeks to compose a wavering ambient, to resist the temptation of a linear development and to perceive the body as the main focus of communication with the audience.

The premiere of WATERLOO is planned for Spring 2021 at Onassis STEGI