A response to Dig Deep

In January 2013 Arkadi Zaides was invited to take part in the Aire De Jeu project, at Les Subsistances, an international choreographic research center in Lyon, France. In this project choreographers are invited to create a piece using music by contemporary composers played live on stage. Zaides was asked to choose a music score by the New York based composer Julia Wolfe.

Julia Wolfe’s music is distinguished by an intense physicality and a relentless power that pushes performers to extremes and demands attention from the audience. ‘Dig Deep’, Wolfe’s composition for string quartet, generates an intense sonic movement inwards. In his response to the composition, choreographer Arkadi Zaides focuses on a state of ongoing oscillation, offering the audience a kinesthetic, non-narrative practice, examining the tension between restlessness and stability in his body. By focusing on this tension Zaides wishes to ‘dig deep’ and unearth a somatic response to personal experiences of immigration, homelessness and in-betweenness.


music score: ‘Dig Deep’ by Julia Wolfe
performed by: Quatour Leonis & Arkadi Zaides
special thanks to: Myriam Van Imschoot
light: Thalie Lurault
commissioned by: Les Subsistances, Lyon(FR)
co produced by: Hateiva, Jaffa(IL)
duration: 30min.