General Information

Swedish company Poste Restante creates performances where the audience is placed inside a dilemma in an ongoing situation. Opposed to finding solutions to inner problems and conflicts, the pieces aim to create space where the audience can dwell in difficult questions, and where these issues are legitimatized. Poste Restante’s interest lies within the actual and the parameters of the situation at hand; there are no fictional back-stories, no on and off stage. The audience often participates tangibly and the works are created with the honest yet unexpected purpose to encourage and equip the audience to work with conflicting emotions and ideals.

Poste Restante was founded in 2007 by artistic directors Linn Hilda Lamberg and Stefan Åkesson, in an active challenge of the conventions that establish theatre as a mass medium and the audience as a mass. Poste Restante has been presented in Sweden and internationally. For latest news and current projects, see Poste Restante´s own website: