Beauty of Accident

This project is the last part of the second trilogy of the Brazilian/Swedish duo QUARTO. The research was initiated in January 2012 in Brazil and continued during an artistic residence at The Swedish Arts Grants Committees studio under the International Dance Programme, a two year long residence at SITE (Production Center for Performing Arts), Stockholm and a month long residence at INKONST in Malmö and MDT in Stockholm.

In ‘Beauty of Accident’ QUARTO continues their research within an artistic practice allied to philosophy.

Two people are attached to a rope, the rope that evidently refers to, but not strictly speaking is, Ariadne’s thread, the safety wire, webs, the thread of destiny, the cord that links us to each other, the concept of rhizome, the thread between life and death.

Is it possible to liberate movement from time through repetition that is never repeated identically? How can these bodies be in permanent difference? What would happen within an attempt of the bodies to penetrate the field of rhythms?

Understanding rhythm as something that never repeats itself, ‘an absence of periodic repetitions’, i.e. permanent inequality. For better understanding we made a necessary distinction between rhythm and cadence, comprehend the concept of rhythm through the following definition: ‘The force that life finds in order to engage itself in chaos.’

How important is the empty and undefined space, present in the trilogy ‘Beauty’?

Emptiness is QUARTOS entrance into the territory of subjectivity, seeking to undo pre-established forms and plunge into the field of forces, what Nietzsche calls ‘active forces’; an immersion into the forces seeking to destroy the forms.

Supposedly, we would say that ‘Beauty of Accident’ is the desire to deal with vibrations and intensities. With that QUARTO chooses to dissolve the presence of the performer that through actions generate certain habits, psychological representations, a character, common sense, the relations of duality and opposition between two bodies, woman, man, ceasing the ego and drama. Thus trying to create an impersonal presence, an empty being, without a personal story or plot.


Artistic director, choreography, concept & performance: Leandro Zappala
Choreography, concept & performance: Anna Mesquita
Sound design: Philippe Boix-Vives
Video: Palle Lindqvist
Poet: Naima Chahboun
Philosopher: Fredrika Spindler

Graphic design & production: QUARTO
Sponsor: Pille Repmakarn
Co-production: MDT, Inkonst & SITE (production center for performing arts)
Supported by: The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm’s Culture Committee and The International Dance Programme – The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé’s International Programme for Dance Artists