Knot Body

The Knot Body is revealed in the moment we experience a body entangled in a 500m long rope, what happens when the body becomes a knot and the knot a body?
QUARTOs attention lies in the experimentation between body and a 500m long rope – rope-body, node-body, entangled-body, knot-body – as an attempt to escape from the bodies/objects daily attributes and give it an unsuspected meaning, beyond the understanding of a representative body/object relation. Thereby, what is provoked with the entanglement of the knot intends to abandon some recognizable forms, movement and choreography that have been dominant, while dealing with an object that is one of the oldest and most important inventions of mankind: the rope, the knot.
This Knot Body is revealed in the moment we experience it entangled in the rope, where the limit between body and knot is defuse. Precisely in this place we witness the creative potentiality of the body/object through liberating it from its social representations. The KNOT seeks to produce spaces, images and fragments where the body is involved with the rope: winding, untangling, pulling and unraveling. The Knot body also reminds us of the endless layers and complexities of the huge contemporary NODE we live today, in various spheres, economic, political, social, ethical and natural catastrophes in the world. Both the personal and collective knots where we are intertwined, witch also connects us all.


Choreography & Concept: Leandro Zappala & Anna af Sillén de Mesquita
Performance: Leandro Zappala
Light: QUARTO & Daniel Goody
Sound: Palle Lindqvist
Manager: Koen Vanhove

This project is co-produced by MDT, Inkonst and the Cullberg and is part of the framework of the “Life Long Burning” programme supported by the Culture 2013-2018 Programme of the European Union and the Cullberg.
Developed in artistic residence at: Uferstudios Berlin, MDT Stockholm, Inkonst Malmö and Cullberg.
Supported by: The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm’s Cult